World’s First and Only One PLUG and PLAY solution ! HDMI straigh to VGA or component including sound output! All in One Cable! Based on HDfury2 technology, Sound output

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World’s First and sole All In One cable solution to connect HDMI sources to VGA displays !

HDfury have a tremendous success worldwide helping people to connect brand new HDMI sources to technically able analog displays.
HDfury devotion to help granting new possibilities with your existing analog display has inspired us to create a fresh new edition accessible to the rest of us!
The global phenomenon that is HDfury is now available in a brand new shape: The Gamer2 that comes in either Component(YPrBr) or VGA(RGBHV) Edition !

HDfury Gamer2 Edition is a straight HDMI to VGA or component cable that includes an embedded HDfury2 module and offer sound output.

Advantage of the Gamer2 Edition of HDfury2 is as follow:

  • World’s First and Only One PLUG and PLAY solution ! HDMI straigh to VGA or component including sound output! All in One Cable!
  • Based on HDfury2 technology, Sound output
  • Affordable pricing to compete with the cost of Components cable + VGA box commonly used by gamers till now to connect their PS3 or Xbox360 Elite to an analog display.
  • Outstanding and Unbeatable quality for the money (absolutely no competition with VGA box, it will make any VGA box looks like a toy from the dollar shop! )
  • Allow DVD playback with upscaling up to 1080p on PS3/Elite or any others HDMI source
  • Allow to access advanced HDMI settings from any HDMI source
  • ICT bulletproof

A power supply can be added to the HDfury Gamer2 Edition.
The HDfury Gamer2 Edition can therefore be used with any HDMI sources (previous Gamer edition was limited to PS3 / Xbox360 Elite).
If you are looking for ultimate quality and compatibility watch the brand new 2010 HDfury3 or 2012 HDfury4 !

About this item

  • Full HD Gaming on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and PS4 and Xbox One, BLU-RAY and DVD playback by up to full HD 1080p/5 x RCA (L/R audio + component) cable to HDMI
  • Turns any RGB/YUV/YCbCr display in an HDCP compliant device with EDID data
  • ‘The HDFury models to prevent the “Black Screen on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Outstanding and unbeatable quality in comparison to a VGA box solution – Connects your PC or Playstation ION4 with a VGA monitor or TV.
  • ‘Box contents: HDFury “GAMER2 Edition (Ver.2) including component (5x RCA, YCbCr) extension