Hdfury Nano GX

The Hdfury NanoGX is the smallest HDMI to VGA converter in the world … with unbelievably low power consumption.but unfortunately, the production of this fantastic device has been stopped. Fortunately, we also received very nice products in return. such as. Hdfury x3 or the Hdfury x4 not to mention the Gamer2 VGA, Gamer 2 Component. as…

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Hdfury Nano GX

Key Features

  • World smallest HDMI to VGA converter with Audio output and Gamma-X features integrated.
  • Ultra low power consumption 5V from DVI/HDMI or external power supply.
  • The brand new HDfury I Nano GX handles all video formats down to SD (480p) and all the way up to Full HD (1080p60).
  • Featuring a smart reset switch so you will never have to unplug and replug HDMI cable again, just press the reset button and HPD events is reinitialized.
  • A perfect companion for budget projector or small RGB monitor/display.
  • Just like any recent HDfury hardware, it comes with USB upgradable firmware.

When used in standalone mode (no power supply cord attached) the Hdfury Nano GX will perform just fine with most HDMI/DVI source devices.
If for any reason the HDMI or DVI source do not provide enough current for the Nano GX to operate correctly, please disconnect the HDMI input cable BEFORE connecting the power supply or power cord.